Looking forward to


Looking forward to the football session on saturday

What are you looking forward to??


The return of Game of thrones!


Eating scallops with my brother next week -


Finishing my paper for school. I have to write this and then the class is over. Then I have two weeks until my next class starts.


Seems like a busy week,luckily your stable…


That’s very good man,enjoy your time with your bro…


I’m looking forward to some time off.
Some time to decompress and try and get back on track.


Having my mom back to her “old self”( the one I know and love), instead of that…um…well, …a very different person that scared the heck outta me.
I understand that pain causes irritability, but, gosh…that wasn’t my mom, and to top it off, she don’t remember being any different!


Does she has sz or you??


I’m looking forward to put up Christmas lights.


Having my back injury fully healed and then take up a new hobby - Go lang.


looking forward to my operations on my wrists. can’t fookin wait to get back to normal.


nothing specific for me to look forward to however I am feeling excitement in my bones about life – it’s been years since I felt this way. and it builds on itself in a positive way.

smile, judy


looking forward to…
going to the flea market again and the beach
to winter returning (a five-month-long wait that)
to the time when my husband has less seizures
to seeing my parents on the 27th when they come down to Cape Town
going to Heaven and having God pleased with me
etc etc…


I am also looking forward to nxt Wednesday meeting with one of my support group mate,hopefully we can have a comfortable day…


I have it. My mom had surgery for her heart condition yesterday, and I have been the caregiver (she is fiercly independant, but this year has needed help).
I make a lousy caregiver I’m sure, but I can drive her to her Dr’s appt’s, and put stuff in the grocery cart with her. Vaccuming/mopping and putting stuff away at her house is for some reason easier than at my house.