Look at the sky now


what do you see ? does sky inspire you ? if not look again its beautiful. what a brilliant sky we have it burst into us fantasy we use in our creativity during the day…


Its dark here… hahahahahahaha…!!!


dark is good it has mystical energy . yoiu can ask sky for healing you during your dream


Ur philosophical @AlexeiStukov… haha i am doing what u tell me to…!!!


The sky is cloudy today. Beautiful


now wash your face with water and say what a beatiful water i am so happy for it > RUN :space_invader: run far cry do it i am going to my balcony to have smoke. i believe smoke has spiritual aspect in life smoke creates wisdom in my mind… i will absorb sun while smoking… then i go to shower


Blessed is the water and blessed is the wind in your face. Blessed is this earth.


The sky is wonderful here. It’s cold out there, but spring is near.


yeah i bless it everyday… i am so happy i do it… i am thankful for all the earth


Thank everyone and everything for this great experience.


yes i will do that thanks


I always think sky stand for hope and big dreams
Be faithful


It’s beautiful tonight though very cloudy


I remember looking at the sky before and thinking how beautiful it was and actually feeling nature it was nice can’t feel anything for nature anymore or see the beauty in anything because of my meds I really miss it


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