Loneliness vs social isolation

Loneliness vs social isolation, which has the biggest negative effect on mental health ?

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Loneliness i think would have the greatest impact on mental health. You can be socially isolated but not necessarily lonely. Some people even prefer to be alone. However, if you feel lonely, it can have a negative impact on your mood. In the long run it can even damage your physical health.


I believe I am quite asocial . How much that is inborn is debatable. My brother and sister as children interacted more with each other than I did with them . Difficulty when it came to interacting face to face with others may have compounded the situation re being asocial . The effect of social rejection?

The two are different. Ive felt lonely sitting in a crowded bar before, drinking away not talking to anyone. But being isolated - im used to now. Im often on the phone, but can see no-one for days.

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I think I’d feel comparatively more lonely in that situation , than being indoors on my own .


When your lonely you usually try to do something about it. When you are socially isolating you are deliberately keeping to yourself. So social isolation is more detrimental to your health.

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I also agree that social isolation is worse because its more extreme.

Loneliness has the worst effect on your health. I’m very socially isolated but I’m not the least bit lonely or depressed. I think I’m going to do ok in the long run. It’s your lonely individuals who get depressed and their emotional and physical health suffers as a result.

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