Life with Schizophrenia: Negative Symptoms

Episode 11 of Life with Schizophrenia, talking about dealing with negative symptoms.

Thanks for your support
Ethan Thomas


You take showers every day dude? That’s great! If I take two showers a week I’m doing wonderful beyond words. Even one shower a week is good for me.
You need to talk a little louder. I can barely hear you.

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haha thanks. I like taking showers for the most part.

Yeah I’m just mega tired and like I said in the video just feeling very unenergized so I apologize for being quiet. I do need to speak up more and probably should have adjusted my mic volume.


This will probably be my last video for a while.

Thank you to everyone for your support, keep fighting the stigma and living your dreams!
-Ethan Thomas

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I like the intro music gj

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I truly appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into making these 11 videos.

You’re simply inspiring.

Keep on gaming in the free world!

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Wow up to 11 already. I haven’t been doing anything with my time since I graduated college. Good video.