Life is like a chocolate chip cookie

One loves to bite into the chocolate chips that are surrounded by the plainness of ordinary life.


Very true. Very philosophical!

I just had a chocolate chip cookie :smiley:

Or maybe life’s like a Pogo…

You gotta chew your way through to get to the best part…the batter stuck to the stick at the bottom of your Pogo! :wink:

yeah but it tastes bloody amazing too :slight_smile:

i like white chocolate chip with cranberry or something :+1:

Yeah, messy, round, dark, and you can never have as much as you want.

Wtf are pogos? That is a corndog. Canadians…


Ahaha! I was thinking the same thing. :smile:

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We have Tim Horton’s…

You have…

Now I really want some chocolate chip cookies lol

I’m right over the border. We have Tim Horton’s too! I love their chocolate whipped cream! I always ask for mine with no lid, just so I can have unimpeded access to it!

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I have


I’ve seen Caribou coffee in the store before. Do you recommend it?

I don’t do Starbucks because they over-caffeinate their coffee. 300mg in a small?! And they have pretentious size names.

I like the cold press at a local shop near me. You can taste the individual flavors in the coffee so much better that way!

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Starbucks: $5.00 for $0.05 worth of burnt tasting coffee. Gawd.

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We have…

You have…

We have Kraft here also.