Life is good always good

it is the absence of life that sucks.

just my thought for the morning.



Hey judy sup …u look happy today morning…whats the deal…take care sis …

good morning to you far cry. better smiles and sparkle than tears and frowns, don’t you agree?

i am growing up about my mom. she’s a special person that does not have it in for me. she just handled my illness not the way i liked. but she tries hard for me and i have to appreciate that. the release from my harping on what i didn’t like about this important relationship in my life is helping. i feel more free.

are you feeling better today far cry? the other day you didn’t seem to be well. i hope things are looking up for you. never give up hope. be inspired by those before you who suffered to live and live well and didn’t give up.

hugs to you, judy


Glad you’re doing better Judy.
I saw my mom in a different light and I’m sure glad I got to know her better, it may have been late, but it’s better than never.