Life in a stranger's body

I think the person whose body im inhabiting may have died and i was placed in to keep his body from shutting down. I dont recognize my memories. They are still there, confusing me and making my experiences weird, but they dont feel like mine. I dont think ive experienced these things. I dont recognize anyone, theyre all strangers. Theyre telling me that theyre worried and seem like they care about me but they dont know that they dont know me. This is unfair.

Have i been shadowbanned

You need to discuss this with your pdoc. It sounds off. You might need a med adjustment

He’s not on meds at all, and won’t go get them.


If you refuse meds, your life will only get harder. Reconsider taking meds to alleviate your suffering

Im not refusing to take meds, i just havent gotten a prescription yet

Did you take an apt with a psychiatrist?

My clinic hasnt decided to set me up with one yet. It takes a long time.

Maybe find another clinic, can’t you directly take an apt by yourself with a psychiatrist?

Like I’ve said, you have to call and push them.

You can’t wait for psych offices and clinics to do it for you. They won’t. Sometimes you can’t even get them to call back, let alone come after you to make an appointment.

I have an appointment with a prescriber on december 1

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Good for you!!


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