Letter to my pdoc

Whenever I see my pdoc and she asks how things are I say things are pretty good. But in what context are they good? I mean I haven’t swallowed a bottle of pills and been hospitalized. It just now dawned on me that the only way she’s going to know about my daily struggles is if I tell her. So I wrote her a letter. I just thanked for all her help getting me stable but listed all of the symptoms I still struggle with. I then asked about a prognosis. I would love to get to the point where I could go back to work. maybe there’s something she can tell me to do that can help. If not then I may have to redefine what my future looks like, I just don’t want to see myself with a lifelong disability if there’s something that can be done.


I wish you well!!! Please let us know how it goes!!

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I feel so bad for all of you who are feeling not well enough to have a job. I don’t understand, or maybe I was just lucky.

I have been so severely sick for many years and just beginning to take the antipsychotic made my functional again. If it worked with me, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work with you. It’s too bad…

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treatment resistant schizophrenia

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maybe I could find a job where I can sit and type silly crap on the computer all day! I would win at that job.