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Mistakes. Learning Through The Storms. And Walking Away Before The Thunderstorm Cackles in Witch Laughter. Sipping Stimulating Cauldron Clear And Innocent.

Simplistic Question to Ponder And Speak About. Here With Yourself, Your Friends, or Me And or All, in Thus Thread.

1.) Do You Learn From Your Own Mistakes, Or, Other’s (???).

Speak Out!.. . … :100: :right_anger_bubble: :100:

Absolutely i learn from my mistakes or the mistakes of others. However, this in no way prevents mistakes being made, just some avoided.

You Make a Great Point. Admitting You Learn From Both!, Your Own AND Other’s.

And it is True, Mistakes Are Almost Impossible to Avoid… . … :100:

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Not to Get too Political, I Have a Quote by Our Current President That May Speak Volumes Here in Thus Thread.

‘As Long as You’re Going to Be Thinking Anyway, Think Big’~ Donald Trump

Maybe Make it a Realistic Goal to Try And Make as Few Mistakes as Possible… . … :100:

For Example,

Try Your Entire Best Being of Self to Take The Meds as The Doctor Prescribed.

And Seek For Clarity As You Speak to Your Doctor on Your First Medication Treatment.

Or Your Next Step on Looking For Ways to Live in a New Calmer More Peaceful Existence.

Keep up With Keeping Yourself Clean. Be it Spiritually And or Physically.

With Many Other Ways to Stay Healthy And Positive… . … :100:

If You Dear Forum Poster Participants Have Any Positive Ideas on How to Begin on Becoming Healthy, Perhaps Active, And Positive.

Feel Free to Share Here in Thus Thread (!!!)… . … :100:

it takes awhile to develop new good habit. think before you speak or aact. ive made every mistake in the book, but they just keep coming. repent and go on.

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