Leanne Rhimes and Jon Bon Jovi practically having sex in video

what’s wrong with them?

they’re both taken.

Is this entitlement?

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I don’t know. Isn’t he like way too old for her anyway?

She is 36, he is 56 so not all that bad

Well, at least somebody is. Because it sure ain’t me.

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im 42 should I date an 80 year old?

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No but i think there is a diffrence say a 40 year old dating a 18 year old vs two mature adults choosing to date like 36 and 56. Each to their own

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Fair enough. 1515156115156

artistic idealization goes too far

you should have some scruples.

My former neighbor had a fetish for elderly ladies. He was 50 and his wife was 72. It was kind off putting to see him cheating on her with women even older- like actually hitting on little white haired old ladies at Wal-Mart.

I know the elderly need love as well. It was just disturbing.

MY neighbor passed on at 93, his wife was 30 years younger, they had a very good relationship

yeah, that’s weird

but really this about celebrities and their love making on screen

both these people are in relationships

It’s just acting I think. Unless they are hitting it off screen then that is messed up.

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