Late night forum scrolling. What are y'all up to?

I was re watching a series that I enjoy called Maniac. The reason I’m choosing to re watch is because I’m trying to build a habit of finishing something through even if it is just by segments. Its a fun way to build a little bit of discipline in my life.

Kind of ironic considering the time of 1 am. Little by little, we can pave the way. Lol

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Oh is that on Netflix with Jonah hill and Emma stone?

It’s 6.15am where I am; I’ve had my coffee but I’m still tired

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Just relaxing after a hard day at the volunteering. Old boy is getting older and so much more for me to do but it’s rewarding. Got off early so relaxing and reading the boards…Have a long day tomorrow as my mentor is out for the day and rain is forecast…Lot’s of work with a turf cricket wicket but such is my lot!


I just got through watching a super cheesy 80s horror movie, Dead Pit.


11:30 pm. Strongly disliking the neighbors and trying to figure out how they can justfy the crap they do. They think taking advantage of people is normal, is the only thing I can think of.

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Yeah, haha! I really enjoyed it. Ohhh, you’re an early bird huh? Yeah I get that too. It sucks :confused: being caffeinated but still tired lol. Its good to get the mind racing though, other than that…

@rogueone thats really good! Hopefully you enjoy your free time and have a good day tomorrow.

@Montezuma hahaha, must have been a lot of cringe moments. LOL

@77nick77 aint that some sh**. Some people are just di**s :confused: sorry to hear.


I’ve not long been up. I’ve had some coffee and a shower. Just paid some bills. And ordered some Christmas presents.

I will do a few jobs around the house soon. Later today I’m going food shopping.

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It is 2:00 am and I just woke up. Life ain’t bad.

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