Knowing is half the battle

First and foremost read the “Ironic Process Theory” on Wiki

Some of you are not the psychotic pedophiles that you are afraid that you are.
And no one is telepathically invading you (not for long very long any way if they try)

I was here posting years ago and did a lot of research and soul searching so I’m coming back in here with many abstract ideas that I’ve accepted and moved on with but I respect that many are doing their best to ignore abstract thinking.

I do believe, if anything, however - you guys should do some research on telepathy (ESP).
It’s my theory we’re meant to all share a slight connection to share our knowledge, wisdom and experiences with one another but I think there is a chemical imbalance in some allowing too much clutter to come and go.

Some of these ‘voices’ outside might be others’ stupid thoughts (ironic to say). I think that the imbalance has to do with the mind not being fully awake during waking hours. Those who meditate (partial sleep trance) or, like myself, as I’m falling to sleep - I tend to hear voices but only then. I do tend to theory that we are sometimes ‘tangling wires’ so to speak.

The good news is though that there is a lot of information concerning this theory out there…I’m talking quacky science docs and not horror crap.

If this does prove to be the case that connection might have the best insight as to how to practice cognitively regaining control again.

Welcome back Charlie. I do remember you posting of old.

Personally I believe the voices to be spirits. Doesnt it explain really how the voices have a complete mind of their own? That the voices can speak to you completely as if a separate person.

My college time psychiatrist said just that “Oh, don’t think about your problems.” Which I could do then because I had lots of distraction available (studying). But once I graduated, I was flooded with problem thinking! I never overcame it. Had a breakdown and now I need a powerful distraction.

Hi charlie,
I remember you from the old site.

Sometimes I believe knowing is the battle, at least until you learn to stop fighting it.

Yeah, pretty much. Learning not be frightened of a very peculiar science phenomena. It’s probably a concept that should be delivered to people at an early age so that they can learn to grow with it and it doesn’t shock them into a fritz come there mid-twenties.

About telepathy, very often when I think about something very hard ppl say that out loud. Or answer me even if I was just thinking. I’m terrified that ppl can read my mind so I make false thoughts so that nobody knows what I’m thinking.

i don’t believe telepathy is possible at all. i think the mind splinters into various personalities is all. they all reside within the same mind so it’s obvious that they would b able see what u c, hear what u think, feel what u feel, know what u know etc’. i don’t c the point in making false thought coz if someone were to b telepathic they would c through that anyway. just b urself i think. no one can read ur mind. i don’t think so anyway.

i sense that there is a “collective unconscious” wherein ideas are instantaneously shared with members of the same species, and perhaps even all members of a planet. this has been studied in animal behavior, wherein animals that learn a particular feat, seem to affect the readiness with which that feat is picked up or demonstrated by the whole species, regardless of physical contact. i have examined the phenomenon of “synchronicity” in my own life (moments where someone i am in contact with present an idea that i was thinking) and what i am aware of is an instantaneous idea-exchange. it is not telepathy, where you can forcibly “read” another’s mind. so there is nothing to fear of your own conscious “thoughts”. it is an unconscious process, where data is either accepted or rejected depending on its worth. if there is such a fabric, it certainly would be cluttered with the thoughts of others; the drone of unnecessary inner-dialogue men engage in.

Dude wtf do you think there is telepathy? Because if there is all these people are giving me a hard time. They also call me a pedophile which hurts like poison. It’s been nearly a year of putting up with this telepathy nonsense. I still can’t tell if it’s me or if it’s them but it just doesn’t stop. I agree they should have just done this to me as a child so that I might be used to it by now. If there is telepathy these people are ■■■■■■■ jerks. I’m doing all I can to get better but it’s relentless.

The people giving you a hard time are doing so for prank. If they understood or were subjected to the situation themselves they would offer the situation much more serious respect.

You should also wiki up “The Ironic Process Theory” - some intrusive thoughts only keep occurring because you are in dire fear that they will so your mind is force vomiting those thoughts back out again (I’m supposing stress relief from suppression - like holding a capped plastic bottle under water and the bottle trying to rise back up).

From what I’ve witnessed it works like this:

-Individual notices a peculiar science for the first time thought to have only been fictional material
-Individual suspects they have gone nuts
-Individual fears that as they’ve gone nuts they may be driven to do terrible things
-Individual then makes all conscience effort to force back any terrible ideas that may occur
-Brain forces those ideas back out
-Individual then suspects either someone is telepathically imposing those thoughts or their insanity is taking over resulting in individual forcing thoughts back hard and of course the harder the thoughts are forced back the more ferociously they will struggle to surface again.
-Now while this is happening out in public individual begins fearing that mind readers can hear these attrocious thoughts resurfacing.

And it all becomes a Jim Carry movie.

For the most part there are some weird sciences at play…all the rest of it is us becoming so scared silly that we accidentally tie our brain processes in a knot.

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Exactly, subjected to the same things, thats the plan isn’t it.

Changing is going to be very hard on people.

Not subjecting as in “Congratulations! Welcome to nowhere now help us find a way to deal with it!” I mean mostly introducing the ‘possible’ science through mandatory studies in Jr. High School.

Most of the problem is the concept is always there in fiction but the whole time you’re reading comics (or whatever) you can not conceive how telepathy would be scientifically possible but when you go a bit further demonstrating the insects and the possibility of a hive mind it becomes easier to over come the skepticism and begin putting two and two together so you can, at least, have some understanding of what many others are on about.

In my case it wasn’t until my mid twenties when I began putting two and two together and by that point I was so used to a ‘normal’ existence that I thought someone was playing a massively elaborate prank on me.