Just zonked today

in one of my minimal energy days. I think I had 6 coffees so far, lots of water too, ate food. and I am sleepy as ever. no motivation to do anything but i gotta finish a math assignment tonight.


Sometimes coffee puts me to sleep. I don’t know why that is. I say “this coffee is broken”. My ex just laughs at me. Sometimes I wish there was something better than coffee that wasn’t bad for you.


haha yeah we defy the physics of coffee :smile:

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Could you have sleep apnea?

maybe but usually this goes away, and I don’t stop breathing or anything when sleeping.
I am on a waitlist though for a sleep study. its a 1.5 years wait atleast still.
I find bright light therapy seems to wake me up temporarily, so that may mean I possibly have some sort of circadian rhythm issue.
Mind you bipolar or sza usually have some sort of circadian rhythm disruption element.

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Well I hope you get some energy soon

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Thank you :blush: 1515

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