Just want to get away

I’ve been ill since 14 and am 19 now. With some excursions here and there over the years, I still feel like I’m doing 25 to life within my own house. I’m soon to be 20, and my parents still have A lot of control over my life and are nursing me like a bird with a broken wing. (Not saying it’s a bad thing) I have some money and options, might just leave for a week or two and explore. The thing is my parents will have a panic attack like it’s the Cold War waiting for the nukes to go flying. They would probably freak out and call the cops/family members/ friends/ doctors /your nan and your brother/ I just need to get away from this vibe and circulation of day to day things. ( I am stable and have been stable for two years now. ) Any thoughts and or suggestions will be appreciated.

I’d like to go to a hotel by the sea for a week. Getting away for a week sounds good, but don’t over exert yourself the first time. Maybe try a weekend first?


Leave them a nice letter explaining why you left maybe roughly where your headed and tell them you love them and youl be back just need a little room to breath…

I think it’s great to have a holiday and get away for a bit.
But be practicle about it make sure you have your meds and see the doctor before you go.

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I used to know of a get away place and used to dream-plan to go there. But common sense told me I was too dependent to go thru with it so I never did.

seems like diet plays a huge role with this illness