Just took theanine for the first time

It finally came through the post. I just took the first 100mg, and I’ll be taking another at bedtime.

I’m interested to see results. Glad I found a wealth of information on this forum.


Keep us updated qwerty …!!! I think l theanine is good for positive symptoms .!!! May it helps with ur symptoms sister…!!!


Thank-you @far_cry0

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One of few things that helps with muting the voices. I may look into stronger dosages of it soon.

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what is theanine

My pdoc is really against supplements which haven’t been fda approved, probably because he doesn’t understand them. He doesn’t trust that which is unofficial or which hasn’t been through official clinical trials understandably.


Good luck on L theanine


ye it is still a controversial supplement:
Scientific Opinion on the substantiation of health claims related to L-theanine by the European Food Safety Authority

They say it’s unsafe to take medication or pills off internet

Supplements are safe.

I didn’t experience anything on 100mg. I had to take a minimum of 200mg in one go. Now I can’t live without it. But I take a huge amount a day.

I am taking a different supplement that is supposed to be good for brain I am on fourth day I got it from boots chemist

I asked my doctor and pharmacist before taking this. So I think I am safe.

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