Just Saying Goodnight

This is my favorite childrens book, when I am at my worst I read it before for bed. Tonight I read it to those who need a good night sleep and peaceful dreams. Thank you everyone for your support.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
In the great green room There was a telephone And a red balloon
And a picture of- The cow jumping over the moon And there were three little bears sitting on chairs And two little kittens And a pair of mittens And a little toy house
And a young mouse And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush And a quiet old lady who was whispering “hush” Goodnight room Goodnight moon Goodnight cow jumping over the moon Goodnight light
And the red balloon Goodnight bears Goodnight chairs Goodnight kittens
And goodnight mittens Goodnight clocks A
nd goodnight socks Goodnight little house
And goodnight mouse Goodnight comb
And goodnight brush Goodnight nobody Goodnight mush
And goodnight to the old lady whispering “hush” Goodnight stars Goodnight air Good night noises everywhere


When I’m feeling really bad I stop by this sight and always feel much better.


Nice when you can sense the tone from the storyteller and follow through too,

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I always quoted to the guy who is now my Ex even though we are no more. when i feel an episodetriggering around him I read it out loud as if it was to him.
keeps me from loosing my ■■■■.

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