Just Now! Did You See It?

A big black sign flashed across the forum SCHIZO!

Am I the only one who saw it?


I saw it too!
It’s like the title got really big for a second!

Has the forum been hacked? Or is this just the tech guy working on stuff.

I thought it said “Schizop” but I could have been wrong. I just refreshed the page and it’s gone.

whoa- that just struck a chord with ideas of reference! I just posted and there it was!

Yeah, the Discourse staff nerd is currently on the forum. I just sent them a PM. Haven’t heard back yet.

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Hi yes, my apologies. I work for Discourse and made a change just now, it may have caused the logo to appear very large for a second until the page was refreshed.

The changes that were being made are now complete, so you won’t see any more changes beyond today.


@kris1 Thanks for letting folks know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @kris1…

Seeing as you are the resident on-site Nerd, thought you might enjoy this little gif! :wink:



@kris1 u working great…!!! Take care…!!!

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That made me laugh @PatrickT.


Yeah, I see it occasionally. It’s just the page rendering the word schizophrenia.com at the top. The CSS behind the page is kind of sloppy and some browsers will choke on it, don’t read anything into it.

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I first read that as “A big butt flashed”