Just got the call

I am officially starting ITI-007 in 9 days :grinning: im so happy right now.


Congratulations! What is ITI-007?

It is a new medication for schizophrenia that is not approved by the FDA yet. Im in a clinical ttial.


hope it goes well for you…interested in how you go! New treatments hopefully means better outcomes for all of us!

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Cool! Let us know how it goes if you are okay with sharing and are allowed to.

Got to check if im allowed to but definitely want to.

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I agree. That is my main reasoning for joining the trial. I want to help those who struggle as I do.

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Hey, I have a good feeling about this:


Lol. you just made me smile.

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I hope you stay healthy and everything goes smoothly.

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Thank you so much!

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Does it work on positive or negative symptoms, and what chemical does it act on? After having such a good result with sarcosine I will definitely try this! Is it available anywhere on the internet?

Can you tell us how things are going in the trial?

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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Start the clinical drug in 9 days so not sure yet.

No not available anywhere yet.

Wow, good luck with it @Saywhaat
If you can keep us posted.

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I will. Even if im not aloud to post specifically about it, im sure you guys will be able to tell how im doing based on my post :slight_smile:

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