Just destroyed 4 cigarettes with my hands

Now don’t have what to smoke and I am proud


good for you…I am on day two and the withdrawals are pretty heavy right now but I am ready to stop finally I think.


I’m trying to. It’s more like the scenario when I can quit but don’t want to

Quitting smoking is so much easier using the gum or lozzenge. Why make things harder on yourself going cold turkey?

Cold turkey is the best way

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I was a heavy smoker. 4-5 packs a day and i quit and i vape now at low nicotine levels. I chain vape so i am vaping all day. It costs me like $20 a month to vape all day and all month, instead of the $800 a month i was paying for cigarettes.

I make my own E juice and i make my own coils for my vaporizer. That’s why its so cheap.

I was a heavy smoker, and now I’m free.


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