Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaws- Have heard some people say they’re fun. Can’t make heads or tails of them myself. Bought a 500 piece puzzle when my wife died as something to do. It took me ages to join 3 pieces together. I gave up after that.

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I hate them too. I was taught to put the outside edge pieces together first to frame it, then sort the remaking pieces by color. I wouldn’t even attempt 500 pieces

I hate puzzles of all kinds. I’m with you.

Jigsaw, crossword, etc. They should all be made illegal! :smile:

What about spot the difference puzzles? They are pretty fun.

They are ok, but I’m only fairly average at them. I can do them much better than jigsaws or sudoku.

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Googling, I’ve read difficulty with jigsaws/shape sorting is a dyspraxia thing.

My roommate does puzzles.hes really good at them. I can’t seem to figure them out myself.