Jaynebeal...How are you?

I haven’t seen much of you lately. Are you doing okay?

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hiya hunni. yeah i’m not bad thanks. voices quiet for a month…just start to amp up again the last two days. c u had a bit of a wobble. u back on the haldol? xxx


Yep, back on the ole’ Haldol. Glad you’re doing ok.

feel free to message me when ur having a wobble hunni xxx

Ok, thanks jayne, will do.

I missed you too, I was wondering how you were.

Busy busy busy James. Just thought I’d take a break for a while is all. I took a break from facebook too. Voices were quiet for a month so I took the opportunity to chill out mentally and get a few things done around the place. U know me, like to keep busy in fits and spurts. Having my kitchen gutted and a new one fitted on Monday so trying to move everything out on Saturday. It’ll b a week of hell with men in my house, which I cant stand but I’ll get through I guess. Just can’t wait till it’s done. I have been reading posts, just not replying much is all. Missed u too James. Xxx

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Hi, @jaynebeal, I have not heard from you for a while. I hope you are well. I was wondering are you still hearing celebrities in your mind. I do and they are pretty bad. How do you feel not so overwhelmed and what do you do when you want to be left alone?

She’s not even been online in 2.5 years. :zombie::zombie::zombie::zombie::zombie::zombie::zombie:

I know what happened to her?!

@Rhubot or @Ninjastar might know.

:zombie::zombie: UNDEAD THREAD :zombie::zombie: