I've got CBD coming in from online

I’ve got a pack of my favorite CBD cigarettes coming in I should get that tomorrow, I ordered it on either the 3rd or 4th of this month and I also ordered CBD gummies at the same time that I should get Friday from a different site

@ZombieMombie @ninjastar @Bowens @Moonbeam and other mods am I allowed to say what sites I used, I always forget the rules on this subject

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You’re not personally selling, so i think it is fine.

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You should take the edible cbd. You might get cast out of the garden of eden for letting the reptilian beast in

Hey you. No parseltongue on the first date!


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I’ve no idea whether to censor that or not ??? I wish I could find that emoji for confused!>>!!!


I used https://justcbdstore.com/ for the gummies according to the description I should get about 45 gummies in my one jar that cost $37.50 and since it was over $35 I didn’t have to pay shipping. I got the sugar free worms I’m really hopefully about these!

As for my favorite CBD cigarettes I got them from https://buycbdcigarettes.com/ I got the wild hemp brand in flavor of pineapple blaze and I had to pay a flat rate shipping of $4.95 since I didn’t spend $50 I spent $14.94 in all for one pack of 20

I plan not to use the cigarettes until I am 100% well from covid!

CBD is too expensive here in Canada. Once I bought some from ebay US but cancelled because I read its illegal to buy weed products outside Canada. I tried it a few times with a friend, he bought cbd herb, oil, vape juice and isolate. He’s rich compared to me. Anyways cbd just made me sleepy so i guess its good for anxiety and sleep problems which I don’t have. I already sleep too much on my risperidone.


CBD is illegal in Belgium. But some people buy it in The Netherlands where it is legal.


yea my dad gets it in the netherlands for his spasms in his legs. He is paralyzed and gets spasms and the CBD drops help with it.


Everything is legal in the Netherlands lol


i’m done with it. i take a dropper or two of oil a day sometimes not at all based on my need.

the bud is not something i can do a lot. got some sort of cannabinoids in some prerolls and i found again that i can’t handle it anymore. could when i was young but i’d just get quiet sometimes. i think i’ve experienced some form of delcine which i have heard talked about on here. loved it for three weeks but i’m still recovering.

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My CBD cigarettes and gummy worms came in! Yay!

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@greenlight CBD isn’t for everyone. It’s okay if it’s not for you anymore

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