I've got all my Christmas shopping done already 🎄

I’d like to get a “bonus” present for my nieces though. But I’ve no idea what. Maybe I’ll just stick with what I’ve already bought for them :thinking:


haha I thought I was the only one doing my Christmas shopping. I started in late August. Good for you, @everhopeful. It makes for a relatively stress-free December


Sure get the bonuses, that would be nice. After all, Christmas is mostly for children and they’ll only be kids for a relatively short while.


Yeah. You’re absolutely right. Thanks @77nick77

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No Christmas shopping for us yet, thankfully. It would just be more crap to move. Uuuuuugh. The new place is too small, no place to hide prezzies.


Do you plan on getting together with other family members this Christmas, even with Covid still lingering @everhopeful?

I don’t know if I’ll be going to my brothers house this Christmas Eve.

Too many people.

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I probably will (if I’m invited). I still see my brother and my nieces every weekend. So the only extra person I’d be seeing is his wife if I was invited over for Christmas.

That’s my current thinking anyway.

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Haha, I also got all my Christmas shopping done with too😅

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i have to do my christmas shopping early as well. because my state medicaid review yearly is in december. so i have to spend all my savings so i qualify. haven’t got my shopping done yet though, i kind of hate to shop early, because then it seems like it takes forever for christmas to get here.


I’ve started too! And wrapped everything I’ve bought too! Love it :slight_smile:


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