It's to early

I went to bed at 7:30 last night and I’ve been awake since about midnight I have to wake up David at 4:30 do we can get ready and head out on our long trip… I’m the only one that can drive for a long time so I’m nervous but I know a energy drink will help a bit but I’m still nervous… I’m up a long time before we planned but it may be for the best… At least I’ll have time to put the cooler in the car and pack snacks

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I woke up at 1 am I started watching this show money heist until my phone died then I was playing video games

About to go back to it

Yes it’s too early


I’ve been up all night baby!

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Still up. It’s 1:12 am. Just took my sleeper.
Smoked my pipe at midnight for about an hour. Tomorrow’s my last night here, then I go home the next day.
Can’t wait to see my GF and cat. It’s been a long five weeks.
Have a good trip @Twialine!

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