It's the end of world (as we know it)

Yes. This is exactly why I dislike things that focus heavily on dividing us into class, race, sex, religion, etc. Focusing too much on differences splits everyone apart and causes divisions that result in hate, violence, etc.


Sometimes you have to just focus on moments of joy … Like this dog leaping with wild abandon through the tall grass. Of course, if I tried this, I would probably fall flat on my face… :thinking:


This dog is sick it seems. Looks like the kangoroo syndrome :sweat_smile:

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I fear WW3 is only a matter of time away. I also fear for my sons who if they are of age when it happens would be called to war.


I am so worried about my country hopefully nothing happens within the country.

I cant say anymore than this.

But the way all this is heading many and many will lose life.


An interesting thought

hell probably it can also happen on Earth

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The world with its multiple civilizations of human inhabitants will continue even if there was a 3rd world war. Wars start but they also end as well which is why life for humans will still continue after the aftermath.

That why someone said once the meek shall inherit the earth.

Because all the people who run to achieve greater good are on the hit list .

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Right now I’m worried about the summers getting miserably hot and it being hot most the year. Farming, animals, plants, bugs struggling to cope. It’s February and the grass is trying to grow turning green. Bugs are out. Things will probably change and hopefully stuff can cope. Here’s the temperature in close to north west Arkansas in February today.


You are feeling changes like me…
It’s hard now to stop nature problems,but please let alone wars.


We put out more carbon than every previous year. I don’t see things changing. I see catastrophe and cope.

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I fear that the US will lose it’s democracy and become an authoritarian nation.


Yep same here too exept there’s snow on the ground it’s been warm and I don’t even wanna know what’s in store for summer


Yeah all this chaos I no longer look into the future.

I live for the moment now

For I definitely know I have the moment now

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Over here all citizens has been petitioned to leave all refrigirators open next summer :point_left:

My fear is that Taylor swift will become so popular that there will be a successful coup of the US government and she will take over. This will kick off a series of changes to society. For one she will make all able bodied adults wear one her concert outfits every day. And that will only be the beginning of her reign of terror…


Posting this at bed time? Come on!

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My greatest fear is of myself than world. What if I do not do well in job and family. What if I get episode again.

…and I feel fine!

Seriously. I have to many problems with normal life to worry about the world. Yeah I’m interested and all but hardly watch or follow the news anymore. I like my life but I’m branching out…

Going to a get together with the political party I’ve paid membership to for like 7 years. Don’t go to meetings but I’m going along and aim is get involved a bit in the local machinations of the party. Do little things to help that long term goal of replacing all the digits with decent people who think about others over themselves!

So hard not to get political but I fear nothing but the approach of the ceasing of my existence now I’m soon to be 54. It goes way too quick to worry about what we can’t control!