It's Sunday ! Are You Still In Your Nightwear?

Summer time up north and Sunday, so yes still in my nightwear :joy:

What are you wearing today with all this heat going on this summer?

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Nah, I had to go down to the laundry room early before it got to hot so I threw on some capri pants and a short sleeve tunic. Turquoise. Even my sandals are turquoise. I look pretty summery.


haha im always in nightwear :joy:


Me too!

Edit: I bought cotton pajama bottoms from amazon that I wear to sleep, and I have some old t-shirts I wear. I bum around the house in them during the day, they’re comfortable.


I wish! I’m having to help my mom today

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I wear the same clothes until I shower and I sleep in them

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It’s full summer here in the southeast of China. But I usually don’t wear nightwears during the day. I am already a bit lethargic after getting up in the mornings due to the medication, so if I wear pyjamas I’d be more relaxed and lethargic. That’s why I prefer to be dressed up for the day.


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