It's been 5 months

Since my sister died. It feels like a thousand years and it feels like yesterday. I miss her so much. I’ve been plagued with anxiety. I feel angry too much of the time. I continually wonder why she, who was the kindest soul with the happiest kids and grandkids, would be taken and not me instead. I don’t even feel like I’m the same person. Wish I could have come on here and told you life is grand. But it’s not. It is sad and meaningless most days.


sorry for your loss =(


Sorry for your loss

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Sorry for your loss @FatMama

I am so sorry for your loss.

You’re right, it isn’t fair that she died.

But you don’t deserve to die either.

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Sorry for your loss @FatMama

I’m sorry for the loss of your sister @FatMama

And I’m so sorry about your sadness

May she Rest in Peace

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Really sorry for your loss @FatMama :purple_heart:

Glad to see you. Sorry for your loss. :heart::heart::heart:

I’m so sorry @FatMama

I’m so sorry for your loss, @FatMama. I think feeling angry is normal.

The pain should pass, in time. In the meantime you have our sympathy.

Sorry for your loss.:pray:t4:

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SOrry about your sister and that you are struggling @FatMama .

I’m sorry you lost your sister…sad.

Sorry for your loss. It’s hard. It really is but keep up your health and there’s other people in your life who need your attention. One step at a time. It helps. Just keep going and be nice to the rest in your life…it helps.

Sorry @FatMama hope you can find some peace