It's autism awareness week

Do you have this in the states too or is it just the UK ?

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I find these things empty gestures.

My experience is that as an adult, you get diagnosed and that’s it.

Seems there is only support for those who get identified as they grow up in school, so nothing outside of that.

Instead of getting support when I was younger, it was increasingly severe penalties and punishment. It ruined my life until my early 20’s when I disconnected myself for the most part from others in the community to the furthest point I can humanly achieve.

Does not mean because we function in certain areas that we have all figured out good ways to deal with not fitting into the box that many others are good at fitting in to.

Awareness and pity from strangers is not going to solve the issue.

When I got diagnosed 5 years ago now, I was reading about the Autism act of 2009. Did not take long to see how hollow this victory has been for people in this category.

But never mind. I no longer put much effort or stock in trying to bend to the expectations of other people. In fact, I’d say I used to bother too much about this kinda thing.

Might be alone, but I am not lonely any longer. No one can hold that flaw in thinking over me to turn my personal loyalty to others into a weapon to manipulate me

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I’m kind of aware of it every day.


I first read the title wrong:
“Autism wariness week”.
I was like wtf…


I am glad people are finally learning to watch out for me.

[ struts ]



Autism awareness is kind of ironic, isn’t it?


I was not aware. I do know its Jane Goodalls 90th birthday today.

So I guess today we should be focusing on all the autistic chimps out there.


for this week i ask permission to break all the rules without being suspended :smiley:


I got given a large booklet and was told about cards I could get - 1 from National autistic society, and the other a Wiltshire alert/I.C.E card with a space at the back of it to put an emergency contact number. That was at my post diagnosis appointment. There’s been sod all else. I struggle to see where I fit in within the autistic community. I’m not a ‘needs 24x7 care’ type, but also can’t identify with the youtube autistics - or those who see it as some kind of super power.

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I don’t see it as a super power, but I don’t feel broken. If anything, “normal” people seem broken to me. They worry about the wrong things, laugh at the wrong things, enjoy doing the wrong things, and do everything in the wrong order.

It’s annoying.

I think you’re more of a naturally confident person than me. Or at least that’s how it comes across.

Good masking skills. Being honest.

We should have birth of schizophrenia or bipolar day as well… people would be aware about it too maybe…

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I got crap for telling people I had it or it was dismissed. Mine’s not obvious, I guess.