Its a cool day outside 4:00PM

What are you all up to? I’m gaming playing a little bit after dinner, drinking some tea enjoying this day! What about y’all? Hopefully it was a good day for you too!


my kid builds computer games, me i just like the tea. nice here but cold snow tonight. peace dude. Dr Zen


I slept in until 1 PM today and it was nice. Since then I’ve been working on an essay for my Geography lab and also a final presentation for my English class. The paper is due tonight but it’s only 2 pages so not bad. The presentation is tomorrow. It’s a group presentation but I’m still a little nervous. It’s stir fry noodles for dinner tonight and then lots of sleep! Hope your day was good too bro!

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@DrZen tea is always good for the soul. Peace buddy!

@bridge atleast you rested! I’m glad you had a chill day. Hopefully your presentation goes well tomorrow, bro!

I got a 18/20 on the presentation! Now I get to relax for the rest of my day!

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Thats awesome!!!

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Ey mane! I got a hair cut today for free at the community college. Feeling pretty fresh! :slight_smile:


Ayyye!! Thats really nice! I haven’t gotten a hair cut in a while, might go tomorrow; get it cleaned up. I can imagine a fresh haircut always makes you feel a lot better!

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