It may have been hallucination

Back in 1999 I lived my ordinary life in America, but then in Feb 1999 I saw two old grandmothers in their old Russian clothing in one shopping mall in the greater Atlanta area, which made me to change my thinking and I wanted to help Russians. This was one month before the Kosova war which lasted much longer than they expected. Somehow I thought that I was monitored what I thought about the war and I was quiet in one critical issue which made the war to last long and was ended as a result of the effort by the President of Finland at the time, he got the Nobel Peace Prize later. It may have been those old Russian women who made my mind to change. It may have all been just hallucination.

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During the Kosova war I had voices in my mind and some of these told that they, Serbs with their Russian friends would have lasted much longer. The economy of Russia was in its bottom during the war, but it started recovering after the war. Indeed the war could have lasted much longer, but then the EU forces came and got the peace. I still remember those images of the Clinton administration on the lawn of the White House in their efforts to explain their unsuccess in the war because the war lasted much longer than they expected. But it could have lasted much longer.

Some of you do not remember these past matters, but my thinking is that George W. Bush would have not become the President without this Kosova war.

Interesting. February 1999 is when alien Angelic beings visited me and took me on a journey. Portals to other dimensions were open that month it seems.

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I don’t mean to discredit your thinking, I’m just trying to help. I’m kind of dealing with something similar about a girlfriend who passed away and I’m not sure if existed anymore. But the thing is, it obviously effected you in such a way that it made you change your behavior in a way that wasn’t destructive. The only things bad about it can’t be proven it caused it. So I wouldn’t dwell on it too much honestly, it impacted you and can’t be proven it did that in a negative way.