It has been now nine months since I started writing here

I must say I have learned a lot and now I know that there are many other sufferers. Hearing voices and having hallucinations is just a part of our daily lives wherever we are. Meds are good and the scientific community is improving our medication which is great. Sometimes I have written some strange things, but I suppose it is just a part of my suffering. I tend to look back and understand the past and what has happened to me, which makes me depressed sometimes - I should focus on the future. I am looking forward communicating also in the future.


I started on the old forum 11/22/11
1111 - yay!
I spent some time off due to various reasons, but still here.
I took some meds last year but reactions to them were discouraging. I mainly deal with online support groups and occasional regular counseling for disability.

I started in October of last year just after I got myself stabilized again and had to make amends again fro scaring my sis.

She started this the old forum a month before me and I was so happy to she found this for me.

I’ve been learning a lot and getting so many ideas. I’ve also been learning how to stay on topic better I hope.

I think I started on the old forum back in 2005 so I guess that makes me an old timer lol

…10 years here. Doesn’t seem that long ago…

9 months? How’s the baby doing?

I was on the old forum 2 or 3 times back as patchofblue. I’ve learned a lot too. Maybe grown some in (written) communication skills at least.

I started at the old forum since 2009 January,when I was first diagnosed,been active till recently

Still waiting, but let’s see what happens in the future :smile: