Is your Apt cold?

I just turned my heat up to 75 so Jimmy won’t be cold later tonight.

It’s 28 degrees outside. Forget that noise!

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I put the electric heating on when I’m in the living room. I sometimes but the heating also on in my bedroom to break the cold, but I try to think about the amount of energy I spend.

My mom heats her entire house day and night and I find it to be a bit wasteful.


Hi @Jonathan2 , I think your in Europe but I hear of it on here from people in the states too. Arent any of you afraid that turning heat so low (or off) in the winter, might cause your water pipes to freeze/burst?

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It doesn’t get very cold in Belgium. It usually only freezes at night. That has never happened to me but I live in an apartment on the first and second floor and the downstairs is a business that always puts the heating on. That might help, but I’m not an expert.

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We have the heating on all the time in the group home I live, on 25c in winter and its gets hot. We can’t fiddle around with the thermostat so we just open a window. Our heating bill is a lot.

This just happened to me over the bad Christmas freeze event we had in the States. My furnace is horrid, landlord hasn’t serviced it in years even though we said it doesn’t work well.

It was so cold in my house the pipes froze and burst all over. To give you an idea of just how cold it was INSIDE, the half gallon water bowl for our pets in the kitchen was a solid block of ice

Over 30 people died due to the freeze in Buffalo. Thats a bit more than an hour away. And we are used to cold!

I recall you talking about your pipes @ZombieMombie , hoping things are better now and that you can stay toasty enough :smiley:

Pipes are fixed, heat is not. We have a kerosene heater to help on very cold days.

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My apartment is nice and warm usually. I decided I have earned the luxury of a warm and comfy home in my later years. I pay a lot for it. It costs close to the amount my rent does.