Is what kind of food we eat an important part of our recovery?

I might as well have said meat is healthy in moderation. Getting too much fat can be a problem if you eatt much meat, but then again some people swear to keto diet because it makes them feel healthier.

Most foods is about moderation. If you ate too many avocados that wouldn’t be healthy either.

I don’t think cocaine is a good comparison to meat.

It’s all about balance and eating a variety of foods.

I don’t know if it is. But just in case it is, I try my utmost best and take food seriously. :grimacing:

True I agree… if you even drink too much water you will become unhealthy… I agree.

But we aren’t afraid of getting addicted to an avocado or water but definitely we are afraid of getting addicted to a ham burger or a chicken cheese pizza.

If we ate too many avocados in one day we may get a little unhealthy but we won’t feel guilt of getting addicted to avocados but with meat and processed meaty foods the guilt factor is very very high…

Nobody feels guilty of drinking too much water because you can’t get addicted to water The Way you get addicted to meat… and the guilt that follows is unbearable.

I have never had this issue myself. Although I mostly have a little meat each day I don’t feel addicted to it, but I guess maybe others do, especially if they eat from fast-food chains. I think I read somewhere that fast-food chains deliberatly makes their products addictive with certain types of fat and whatnot.

Personally I avoid burger king, mcdonalds and all of that and use unprocsessed meat or meat that has only been processed a little without additives that I make myself. If I eat out I usually go to a chinese place where you get served unprocessed meat with veggies.

Fast-food chains wise I agree. That kind of food isn’t healthy at all.

That’s totally true… and these days every where we go we can see fast-food chains and the way they treat food is borderline criminal.

If one were to eat such food every day for ten days they would easily get hospitalised.

These businesses thrive on our addiction mentality.

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Eating healthy is very important. However, I don’t think there’s a meat vs no meat benefit

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I don’t know if anyone can relate, but I’m trying to relearn how to “eat intuitively”. I mostly stick to healthy foods like baked yams and asparagus, but I’m also learning it’s okay to eat “bad” foods in moderation. Like, yesterday I went out to eat at a restaurant with friends from my drop in center, and I ordered the hamburger and fries. We’ll, I ate the hamburger and about 8 fries and “listened” to my stomach. It said “ahh, I am full, stop eating now” so I gave the rest of my fries away. In the past, I would’ve simply cleared the whole plate without listening to my stomach. I still have a long way to improve, and I also know I CANNOT bring trigger foods home, but I am finally figuring out how to relate in a normal manner to food. I weigh in next week and hope to be under 270.


i don’t want to eat the dead
those who were so similar to me and the ones i love
i don’t want to be slaughtered and have my muscles and organs eaten… im sure all life feels this way

I’m happy and content when I eat meat. I’m cranky and miserable when I don’t.

Pass the bacon.

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Food doesn’t affect sz symptoms but its good to eat healthy for physical health.

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I’d have to partially diagree. I think food is a big factor in mental health. If I eat a lot of junk or snacks I can feel not only my body getting heavy, but my mindset gets negative and dark. It may not affect sz directly, but there is a link to mental health and recovery.


Not for me. I guess we all have different body chemistry. I ate healthy and did diets several times for up to 3 months. They never improved my sz symptoms.

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But my cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure all improved. I wish I can diet again. Maybe soon.


I hope you will. You need to try and stay healthy.