Is top picture better or bottom picture?

2 paintings
I wanted to make it bigger and similar

Please vote if you have a preference

Top picture

Bottom picture

I feel like The top pic has no soul in comparison

Where am I going wrong


I had a number two this morning


Funny.,x ,. Does not answer the question!

  • Top picture
  • Bottom picture

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I prefer number 1. But i prefer brighter colors in anything so take with a grain of salt

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Thanks for creating a poll!

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I prefer 1, reminds me of a clear night

They are both beautiful, but for totally different moods. I like the top one more right now, because I am happy and hopeful, and it reminds me of warm summer nights stargazing with my kids. I like the bottom picture because it reminds me of the dark winter nights when there are so many ice crystals in the air that the sky never gets truly dark because the ice reflects the city lights from miles away. It has more of a “even in depressing times, there is beauty” vibe to it that I might connect with if I was having trouble.


Hey @Three ,I rarely comment art,but I like your paintings.
Bottom one for my mood,it looks very deep…

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Yea I’m thinking of creating a series of artwork I might be able to present to a gallery
It will be on the theme darkening skies

I suppose if I get on with it, the better it will be

Thank you again @ninjastar

So beautiful of you to write so much feeling
It’s really helpful

You’re right the top one is more optimistic


Thanks @anon22846033
It’s really great of you to say that x
Thank you


I like the top one better too.

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Thanks SkinnyMe
I’m not as happy with it as the other one but the votes are kind of equal :slight_smile:

I like the bottom picture the most🙂

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i prefer the top picture myself…

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The top picture reflects my feelings when my children are very quiet, and I’m sure something very bad is about to happen. The bottom picture is what I feel when they have set the kitchen on fire.

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I vote on the middle picture the one with the Vikings landing on shore

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