Is this reasoning reasonable?

If I still have delusions today, they cannot be delusions anymore… because they would have gone since I am on medication now.

Is such reasoning reasonable?

When I was on seroquel I had delusions. Not so much on abilify. So no, I disagree.

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Your opinion is much appreciated. Thanks everhopeful.

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In my experience, hallucinations are either there or not there, but delusions get weaker over time with medication. The thoughts can still pop up and nag at me. I’m still adjusting to my new med and I still get intrusive delusional thoughts sometimes. They are just weaker.

As long as delusions serve a purpose, you will want them even if you think they don’t serve any purpose other than to cause you agony or a high.

It is definitely a reassurance to hear that!

Guess what? You have just mentioned the thoughts on my mind.

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