Is this fair?

Going thru crisis many times in my life and been texting crisis and suicide hotline
felt comforted most of the time
then when i texted them they knew who i was and said i had a 30min time limit with them and asked me if i tried the techniques mentioned by the other councelors
I thought my identity was anonymous
felt very unwelomed and sadly decided not to use them as a resource anymore

If it worked in the past don’t give it up! I use the warm line and the crisis line here and I get a 15 min limit with each… If it’s an actual crisis which they only consider suicide or murder they’ll come and visit which I’ve wanted but they never do cause I can’t kill… So it’s really annoying but hey any outlet when in crisis is better than none and much better than resorting to the extremes… Stinks ur privacy was invaded but the crisis line here always takes my info… I know it’s cause they contact my case manager after…and if it was am emergency they could contact the right people fast…

Thanks itsme guess i should not take it too personally. They have helped when i was feeling terrible but wish for my privacy.

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The mobile crisis team here in Dallas is pretty good. they will talk to you as long as you need and come out and see you. sorry you’re going through this.