Is this a hint of revolution

Hi, Has anybody noticed the progression from alternative medicine to complementary medicine to inter grated mental health?
If you understand what I mean please comment…

I’m taking a stab at what I think you mean. For some of the older guys in my SZ group they were either denied treatment by parents in denial or it was just institutions until they could get out.
Before it seemed like docs treated positive symptom and that was it. Then it was positive and negative… Meds! that was it.

When I was going through my onset, my parents were told about meds AND therapy’s and Coping tools.

Now I see Meds, therapy’s, coping tools, AND natural supplements AND exercise, AND diet AND environment being taken into consideration. I think there are some people who are broadening the range of coping tools at our disposal. It seems like I have a lot better prognosis then some of the guys before me. It seems like some of the youngsters in my group are going to come out of this even better then I did.