Is there a time limit on how long before I can't edit or delete a post?

Is there a time limit on how long before I can’t edit or delete a post?

I couldn’t seem to delete my most recent post after about a half of an hour.

Last week there was talk about some stuff like that seems like they implemented some changes. If you don’t like it just tell them it’s not working and they’ll probably make adjustments. They did it to make people think before they post if I recall correctly that was their rationale. This is a new change.


Yes - you can edit your posts for 25 minutes after you post it. After that its fixed.

In our previous forum software you couldn’t edit after someone responded to your post (which I actually liked better - but the new software doesn’t have that option).

The problem we were having is that people were participating in the discussions and you’d have responses to a person’s posts - and then if the person deleted or changed the posts - the entire thread of discussion was ruined or made very hard to understand.

That is why we changed it.


OK. Well, I’ve decided that I’ve got to stop posting for various personal reasons. I’ve set up a little punishment system for myself to try to make sure I don’t post again for the next year, unless it is for a very important reason.

I know, I haven’t posted much and probably won’t be missed. I’ll miss many of you guy’s though! :frowning:

Good luck in your recovery, helping your loved ones to recover, and learning about issues related to this in general, everyone! :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me participate.

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Your welcome back any time. I’ll make a point to think about you sometimes. Good luck out there.

If you find these forums helpful and enjoyable I recommend you come back and participate. Everyone needs support once in a while.

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