Is a social outlet for you....?

Yes it is.

I like being able to communicate in a safe space :slight_smile:

It is a form of escapism for me at the moment. Living with my 86 year old father is hard at times so I escape to my room and the forum.

There exist a group of people here who I genuinely enjoy, and some I can always count on for a laugh. @chordy has a thread right now about studying to be a fart-sniffing expert. Stuff like that makes me laugh, and I can only come to for some of this kind of stuff you can’t make up. Not poking fun at anybody, but some posts are totally off the wall, intentionally or not, and they just compel me to laughter. I know it’s a sick mind at work, and I’ve said my share of ridiculous things, but still…

Yeah. I tell my therapists and doctors about this forum and gauging from their reaction I think they’re thinking about maybe posting once every few days, like the no-traffic forums so common around the internet these days. It would probably be more accurate to tell them I visit a chat room and post food pics, cuz that would get them closer to realizing what I do on the site.

Any human interaction is social to me. I pretty much put the same effort into replies here as in real life. I am pretty social and have lots of friends and family and I don’t honestly see any difference. I just like to connect with people.

Ya, it’s an outlet. I prefer talking at people not with people though. I rarely form friendships.