Is Spring a bad time for you?

I used to have the hardest of times in the spring. I just remembered that today and I’ve been doing better. I guess I broke the cycle. I went out today and it was delightful. Cool and sunny. I think I’d like every day to have this good weather. But I don’t know that could be bad. I came inside because I have no one to spend time with outside and nothing to do in the park but sit. I wish I were a virtuoso musician who felt comfortable in the park with my mandolin. I’m inside now with my plants who are sunning in the window. They are growing! I saw a neighbor who has this illness going to the supermarket and I talked him. Maybe next time I’ll ask if he wants to hang out sometime. I know he’s bored.


I also walk alone. I just put my music on and enjoy the rhythm.

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Usually the months heading up to Christmas and New year’s are not great for me. So winter for me.

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