Is it important?

is fear important?

  • no
  • yes

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Excessive fear are bad…


true I guess.

might also depends on what you fear. some things should be feared and others not.

“We can only appreciate the relief of finding the light after being in the darkness for so long.”

Maybe to an extent. It only becomes a problem when it isn’t being dealt with, with an intent to be free from it.

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my reading book communicates through fear much.

fear’s needed for survival, eh?

fear is not important its just an ideology of survival mechanism… without fear people could survive, they just can use something more positive to shine like wonder


Like most things, fear is healthy in moderation. But it is definitely possible to have way too much or too little.

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What has helped me the most, I think, is my overcoming fear of my hallucinations.
Fear is, in my opinion, the most destructive emotion. It’s even more destructive than anger. Anger can be motivational while fear is crippling.

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Well, there’s such a thing as healthy and justifiable fear. And then there’s fear that’s blown out of proportion or unnecessary or irrational.

Having fear is part of survival. Fear helps us recognize danger and prepares us or causes us to make plans on how to deal with it.


I fear nothing!

I think fear is important to survival, just as pain is. Some fears are unnecessary, like the fears I have of snakes (even non-venomous) and clowns, but it’s not like either of those cripple me. I just won’t get near a snake and you’ll never find me at a circus, that’s all. Overall, though, I think it’s good to fear the appropriate things, things that would put one in terrible danger.

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Everybody fears something.

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I fear people or Higher power.

I fear no thing

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I am afraid of being shamed, laughed at, ignored, ridiculed, exposed, cheated on, attacked etc.

Probably most people are. You tend to grow a thicker skin and a colder heart to protect yourself, and you can choose to be less afraid.

■■■■ 'em.

he feels your anger?

there is nothing to fear but fear its self, or the fear in you is the fear in ever one.


"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda

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Fear is the motivator to respond when painno longer works.

Got to have something to pry the couch potatoes :potato: off the sofa.