Is it hard to use ps4 controller on a pc?

ps4 controller on a pc …!!! or its better xbox one

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No idea about ps4 controllers - but xbox ones plug straight into a windows 10 pc with no setup.


i want to play mortal kombat xl… it has huge discount… i need a controller

i think ps4 would work better

It is not hard at all. You can use a software called Inmputmaper wach that on Youtube

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I think google is your freind on that one. Pretty sure ive read how to connect them using software off the net.

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Nice one - might hammer the bank card and get one myself - they are better than the xbox.

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My PS4 controller works perfectly on pc steam

If you got Windows 10 and you plug in your PS4 Controller wired then it will install the driver. I had used my brothers PS4 Controller wired on my gaming laptop. Otherwise you should be using bluetooth, there is enough tutorials and information for this on the internet.


I already playing with it

Just used my already knackered overdraft - and bought a ps controller with farcry 5. About bloody time i got back into gaming. :slight_smile:

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I need stimulants to play video games, until I drink coffeee and play I am fine till I finish coffe it’s hard to enjoy games

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