Is it even possible

I’m on 300mg invega per month 60mg fluanxa per month and a abilify pill per day I have no energy my parents are my advocates and they tell me to keep going slugger what’s a guy to do

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That much invega must be sapping your energy. I’d talk to your pdoc about a med change to something less sedating.


What do u wanna hear? We dont really get a choice. Find some sort of counter balance for that negative aspect, i did it thru higher thinking maybe video games will work for u tho

how much abilify?

Yes it is common, how did you end up with this plan? :slight_smile:

God I felt sluggish and lethargic on 100mg Invega.

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The plan was made up by a custy ass doctor and I’m on 6 mg of abilify

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Were you on different meds and dosages in the past?

I’ve only ever been on 100 mg of invega at one time I went to this place called Ontario shores and they bumped edrything up

It sounds like your parents are supportive. Can you speak to them of your concerns?

I asked a med provider if I was tired all the time because of the disease or because of the meds I take for the disease.


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