Is it a crime to withhold someone's mail?

I got into this weird dispute with a woman who works at our clubhouse. She isn’t there any more, but while she was there she was in charge of the mail. I had ordered a replacement debit card from American Express, and a couple of months after I had ordered it, she still wouldn’t give it to me. It caused me a lot of problems. I believe she wouldn’t have given it to me at all if one of the case managers hadn’t made her. I can’t have people tampering with my mail. Is it illegal to tamper with the mail like this?

I am dubious that it is illegal, but, it would be illegal if she opened it

Would it have been criminal if she hadn’t given it to me at all?

I remember you posting about this quite a long time ago. If the woman no longer works there, why are you worrying about this now?


The question would be, how can you prove she has it?

maybe but chances are she’d get away with it. prosecuters have more serious things to try. and she could always just claim it was a mixup

I’m worried that she is doing other things against me. She didn’t leave the government psychiatric service. I’ve been hit with two renewals for my food stamps. I didn’t answer the first one in time, and they cut my food stamps in half. Now, I’ve been hit with another renewal, and they’re threatening to cut off my food stamps altogether. They want a bunch of information that it would be hard for me to get. I find this very upsetting.

Here’s a link to the US Postal service website about mail theft.

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Probably not … 15

Do you have a case manager or social worker who could help you with getting the required documentation together for the food stamps?

Not really. I’d need to get ahold of my brother. He is hard for me to get ahold of, and he probably doesn’t have ready access to information regarding a burial life insurance I have.

Thanks for the link. I will use it if someone tampers with my mail again.

Not related…but I hate the power trip ■■■■ people have when they get into positions of power…even at a clubhouse. I am sorry you have to go through this!

One thing I really hate is when people think they are above the law. They’d scream bloody murder if someone broke the law against them, but they’re willing to break the law to satisfy their own whim.

When i was 15 i had a penfriend abroad. But i didnt get her letters. One day i saw a girl taking a letter out of our mailbox. You have no idea what reaction i had. I ran after her and if i had catched her…i promise in the condition i was in…i would have killed her.

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