Is flirting allowed here..?

sorry mate…i am straight …

Doesn’t mean I can’t still flirt, cutie pants.

Or does it make you uncomfortable?

:heart_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:


double talk ? i am comfortable in my sexuilty r u?

No, you know it is against the rules.

ok i didn’t fully know

The rules and guidelines can be found here

thanks @ninjastar most of post add to this site in a postive way

There goes the rest of my afternoon.



It’s only allowed if someone tells me I’m fat but sexy.




I’m here for you bruh.



Fist bump

Thank you.



Pedro, the usurper, strikes again.

8 out of 10. Good show Jack.


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If you flirt in the workplace, and the woman likes you…you date then get married and have kids.

If you flirt in the workplace, and the woman doesn’t like you…she calls Human Resources and you could lose your job.

Which is why a guy should always wait for the green light from a woman before making a move on her at work.

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But most guys know when a woman is attracted to them.

They laugh hysterically at all of your corny jokes…toss their hair back when speaking to you…and run their fingers up and down your arm while talking to you.

I had a woman at work who would always run her fingers down my arm when we were talking. A guy on another forum said she was trying to steal my watch! :joy:


Girls and my gf lost interest in me since I developped sz and severe apathy with avolition.
I have no emotions, no love and no sadness. I can’t express or understand ppls emotions except for extreme anger. I never cried since I was a teen. I feel nothing when looking at a hot women.

I only react to extreme emotions like anger and violence.

I see everyone here as friends. Flirting would be weird. @anon39054230. You’re right about women laughing at a man’s stupid jokes. I did that with a guy I liked. His joke was not only not corny it was also not funny. But I really liked him. He was ugly too but a humanitarian. I was smitten by him.


Sz made my heart a solid black rock.

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Nah. I think you’re nice. لطيف


Some people like to collect polished rocks.