Is excessive loneliness more mental or real

sometimes i wonder if being super lonely is just depression creeping up or if itd actually be gone if had someone

Some ppl enjoy being alone.

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Good question. I’ve heard that it isn’t good to allow yourself to become dependent on someone else for self esteem. I’ve been pretty lonely before. I’d bet that many of us have. If you live in a city there are probably “emotions anonymous” groups around. It’s a twelve step group that treats things like loneliness and frustration.

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Depends what age you are. The younger you are the more you crave company. The older you get, not so much.


I crave some company.
I don’t really do well when I’m all by myself for periods over an hour.

Maybe in the future I’ll get roommates or get into supportive housing where I’ll be living with others.

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i am kind of a loner but am not the best socially. i am subtly depressed i think, not sad but just dragging my feet through life.

@crimby idk if its to the point i need support or anything

@everhopeful im young but i have been pretty much alone for the past 5 years since getting sza

@Aziz i enjoy it sometimes but other times it is boring, at least theres no drama


Me too, it depends on my mood.

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