Interview went well

i think my interview went really well but i’ll see what happens and hopefully i get a job at the end, i’m going to apply for a different area tomorrow, somewhere nearer me :slight_smile:


Awesome! What job is it?

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support worker :slight_smile:


Good luck!!!

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That is awesome

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That’s great, congratulations! :smiley:

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I’m proud of you :hugs:

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thanks guys, i feel like i am actually getting somewhere now, i feel like all my time at college and volunteering is going to pay off, i also feel like i am sticking two fingers up at my diagnosis haha, i mean how many people with sz do you know that could be a support worker? its almost unheard of :slight_smile:

my friends have been very supportive as well, my bestie said he really admired what i was doing and the nice girl at the cafe gave me a free latte this morning which really made me feel good before the interview, man i hope i get something out of this :slight_smile: i really hope things work out well x


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