Interesting Day

I had my appointment with my pdoc today. I got to share what bothered me about her message last week from the nurse when I called to say I was having problems. She told me her point of view. When we were discussing how bad things had gotten with the med reductions she was not getting it so my mom got pretty heated with her. She decided to raise my Geodon and reduce my Seroquel. I’m scared to death to lower the Seroquel as I was having such a hard time with it lower, but it is a higher dose then what we lowered it to before. She told me the Geodon can cause mania in low doses and probably wouldn’t happen with the higher dose. In the end she feels I need a prescriber who is there every day since she is only there once a week.

That was the first part of my day. Tonight Jason and I drove an hour and a half to pick up my car from my uncle. I lent it to him 6 months ago so he could get to his new job. He just kept asking me if he could borrow it longer and longer. I felt bad for him and he was really trying, but it got to the point where I think he was taking advantage of me and now I really need it so I told him I had to pick it up. After we picked it up I was driving for a while, Jason was behind me in my mom’s car and I noticed the temperature gauge was all the way hot. I ignored it for a while but then decided to call Jason since he’s good with cars. He said pull over. When I did there was smoke coming out of the hood. Jason looked at it and said I didn’t have any coolant in it. My uncle told me he checked all of the fluids this afternoon and it didn’t look like it needed coolant. So I called our road side plan to have it towed and because we still had 50 miles to go we had to wait for someone who could take us that far south. We waited on the shoulder of the highway for almost two hours. The tow truck came and asked where I wanted it towed and he took it. As I start driving again I start having anxiety that is creeping toward a panic attack and I realize I haven’t had any of my night time meds. So we stop at a Wawa to fuel up and get something to eat. We were planning on going out to dinner after we picked up the car so we were both starving. I ask Jason to drive and start feeling better. We drive to the mechanic’s because the driver called us and was saying something about the miles. When we get there the tow truck driver is telling me only 3 miles are covered under my plan and I have to pay $208. I called my mom and she said no it’s covered under a 100 mile radius. Turns out under her name she has the premium plan but under my name I have the basic. So everything worked out. Whew! What a night!

I have a lot to be grateful for though. Jason was with me and knew what to do. I pulled over just in time, Jason said another 2 miles and the pressure would have built up so much the cap would have blew and the car would have just stopped on the highway. I got to cuddle with him while we were waiting for the tow. We had a really good conversation. I didn’t have a panic attack. And I didn’t have to pay $208. Also we both got home safe.

I’m just thankful that now at 1am I have my meds and I am home safe. This night really revealed who Jason is. He didn’t get angry and he had me laughing. I love him so much. My ex would have been bitchin and complaining. Jason is a great guy, I’m so lucky to have him. :sunny:


wow, sounds like a very hard night, i would be very angry at my uncle if it was me but where does that get you :anger: no point in my opinion x

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Thanks! Yeah I was surprised I wasn’t angry. I’m a very optimistic person and always try to look for something to be thankful for in a situation. My uncle felt really bad though. I just hope now that there is nothing major wrong with my car. :sunny:

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