Insomnia fear

Good morning. I’m having trouble sleeping these days. Isn’t it better to take the sleeping medication at bedtime than to take it again in the middle of the night? I’m very afraid of a relapse if I don’t sleep.

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Seek knowledge!

Not sure what you mean. I take my meds in the evening since they are sedating. The only reason to take them in the middle of the night is if I have forgotten to take them.

I take meds in evening seroquel mirtazapine and ambien. It knocks me out.

Insomnia can trigger a relapse.

You really need to speak to your doctor if this is happening.

Does taking too much sleep medication prevent cariprazine from having its full effectiveness?

I don’t think even doctors would know the answer to many of the questions you ask. Your best bet to find out something like that is to search pubmed for research articles

Other than that, trust your instincts.