In schizophrenia, non-remitters and partial remitters to treatment with antipsychotics are qualitatively distinct classes with respect to neurocognitive deficits and neuro-immune biomarkers: results of soft independent modeling of class analogy


Seems like that is hopeful for people with treatment resistant schizophrenia.

The results show that PRTT is characterized by an active NIOC pathway phenotype and that both NRTT and PRTT should be treated by targeting neuro-immune and opioid pathways.

I don’t know what a NIOC pathway is, but NRTT and PRTT are people who don’t respond to meds and people who partially respond, respectively.

It doesn’t say how neuro-immune and opiod pathways can be targetted.


Oh, lol, NIOC is Neuro Immune Opiod Cognitome.

I don’t really know what that is either though.